Seeking out originality

Lianet Martinez Pino has been selected for a second time to participate at the Havana Art Biennial in Cuba for young artists.

The island Biennial is a regular appointment in the calendar for Latin American and Caribbean artists and an important space to meet and exchange ideas. The Havana Biennial is featuring art works from all over the world. In 2015 Lianet is constructing a sculpture, which high is over 20 meters. A challenge started months ago is coming to glamorous end...

Lianet Martínez Pino

Al filo de.., 2015

Medium: metal

Dimensions 21 m x 1.80 m x 0.90 m


Lianet has been working for months on her sculpture, which represents a large-scale traditional machete. The artwork embodies symbology and rituals related to Afro-Cuban religion along with historic events, slavery, and freedom.  Machete plays an important part of Cuba’s history where the tool has been used not only as an agriculture instrument but also as a weapon, an essential weapon for the war of independence.


By enlarging the object to an enormous scale the concept of object is transformed and the new structure suggest new meanings and aesthetics.  The artist is using the metaphor "sharp blade" to describe the sculpture, which can be looked at from many different perspectives.  This monumental sculpture is aiming to reflect on the historic moment in Cuba and its future.   However the artist transforms the aggressive machete to an elegant sculpture of the messenger of peace where the observer can glance through the sheet metal and creates new narratives.


The sculpture will be available to view from 21st of May until 22nd of June during the Biennale de La Habana, Cuba.


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