In conversation with George Chachanidze, a contemporary artist from Georgia.

George Chachanidze was born in 1965 to a famous Georgian family of architects.   His artistic career witnessed and acknowledges the politic changes in Georgia from the soviet regime to the building of modern Georgia.  In a conversation with Chachanidze he shares some of his thoughts about art, the Georgian art scene and his inspiration.




1. How did you get involved with art?

Art has always been around me – my father, who was a famous architect, painted very well himself and taught to paint me along with my mother, with her refined taste and knowledge of art and literature. So from my childhood, I’ve been always surrounded by an artistic atmosphere and I was eager to learn.


2 . Where do you derive your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from my inner soul and from my love of my nearest and of art.


3. How does the social and political climate in Georgia impact your artistic expression?

No doubt a stable and predictable economic situation helps an artist considerably. We’ve got enough social and economic problems nowadays – so people don’t have time and  opportunity  to see different art events, most of them visit presentations of exhibitions only and can’t often buy art even when they want.  This also can impact artists developing and promoting their art.





4. How do you see the art market and the art world in Georgia?

Talent is not the problem in Georgia, which has famous film stars, artists, dancers and singers. Also Georgia is known for its hospitality and old traditions.  However the Georgian art industry need to work to promote our art internationally - there is plenty to do!


5. Who is your favourite contemporary artist?

 From Amedeo Modigliani, Paul Gauguin to Georg Baselitz, but I have my own aesthetics!


6.  What are you currently working on?

My interest in art has many dimensions.  I want to reshape all perceptions of reality and concepts  into art.  I also draw pictures, graphics and illustrations for adults and children while holding a university professorship. I am interested in both religious themes and equally ordinary life. Currently I am working on a story from the Old Testament about Jonah who was swallowed by a whale for three days and nights.





7. How do you see the development of your work?

The process of development doesn't stop! I see evolution into new aesthetic forms and visual representations of different themes and colours.


8. Is there an artwork or a series of works to which you feel particularly connected and why?

I can’t define the specific impact of a work, because all the works are a part of me.


9.What is the essential message that the public can find in your art?

I call it - "the Art of Joy" – my art is meditation, spirituality and joy.