Artist to watch in April

This month we are dedicating a special attention to Luca Sguanci whom is already generating interest across Italy and Holland.  Discover some of his latest works and more about his artistic expression.

Luca Sguanci investigates infinite ideas about where we come from and go to, human emotions provoked by everyday encounters with the reality and the ambiguity of the term “dreams.” Luca obtained a degree in Arts and Philosophy from the University of Urbino, Italy. The early steps in his artistic career began with anatomical drawings for medical and scientific congresses.  Inspired by the Renaissance artists, Luca refines his drawings by creating his own style and artistic expression, he gives them emotions and life and makes them dreaming and preoccupying.  The faces in his paintings emerge from colourful abstract backgrounds and like dreams they don’t belong to past or future, they come and go translating subconscious desires and emotions.  There is no visible story to narrate and the interpretation differs each time the observer glances at them.

Hometown: Pesaro, Italy

Lives & Works: Pesaro, Italy


Arts and Philosophy, University of Urbino, Italy.


2015- 23 of April – FAI event, Pesaro, Italy

2011 Contemporary Art Fair, Rotterdam (NL) – Galerie De Vlaming

2009 Contemporary Art Fair Arti09, Denn Hag (NL)

Collaborations: Fondation Meuccia Severi in Pesaro, Italy; Faculty of Architecture in University Sapienza, Rome; participated in VI Architectural seminar CIAUD, Lisbon, Portugal





W 70 cm x H 70 cm

mixed media on wood panel