Interior Design

We offer our interior designers and architects, help developing the art element of their design concept.  We will discuss with you your Design Brief, for which typical characteristics might be:

  • large-scale artworks for a statement piece
  • cutting edge styles and colours
  • vivid pastels
  • monochrome palettes

Below are examples of Wealth-of-Art paintings, incorporated in a design professional's Brief:








Once the Brief is approved, we will:

  • Leverage our extensive network of contemporary artists, to fulfill the requirement. 
  • Acquire artworks on your behalf and manage their installation.
  • Source pieces that may be grouped together for a greater impact.
  • Structure a competitive pricing package


As a small flexible company with working knowledge of the contemporary art market,

we offer the highest quality bespoke service and are here to help you.


Email: enquiries [at]

Phone: 0330 223 3007

Contact our experienced art consultants Galia or Erika to source art for you