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Thank you for visiting our site, here you will find original artworks by artists from geographical locations such as Belorussia, Colombia and Cuba.  We are a new contemporary art platform incorporating both online selling and consultancy.  At Wealth-Of-Art you will discover well-curated works of art, read content related to current topics concerning the art world and hopefully find sources of inspiration!

So how did it come about that an art consultant teamed up with a city markets guy to create an edgy art portal?  A Sardinian respite and some good wine over late night strategy sessions resulted in a website showcasing artists from these challenging locations.

So, why Wealth-of-Art?  Our artworks include abstract and figurative works, from concepts as varied as religious contradiction, censorship and women’s sexuality!   Some works are vivid and others dark, reflecting differing artists moods, regional styles and socio-political conditions.  Our range of artists is intentionally limited and sold online exclusively through our website, handpicked you might say. We only sell original artworks so you won’t see your work franchised later as a print!

If you would like your own art consultant, advising you from your first purchases to portfolio construction, we’re happy to help. So please have a look around and hopefully, you'll find something you like.

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Galia and Ricky 


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The Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD)