Clandestina 1


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W 50 cm x H 70 cm // 20 in x 27.5 in



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Artwork information "Clandestina 1"

Clandestina I is part of the Industrial Structures series.  The artist research started in the 80s exploring abandoned places and architectural structures.  They all are inspired by real places but not all of them survived to the present day.

Andrea Chiesi initially drew inspiration from early 80's punk and independent music, a scene he immersed himself within, and the contrast of cultures has influenced his style.  Chiesi's palette often utilises striking black and white with hints of vibrant hues.  His artwork is focused on his surroundings, his experience of them and Chiesi's ability to place the viewer within a space.  By absorbing the presence of architectural forms you quickly become part of the painting and feel the emotional impact of what at first glance seems to be an urban structure.  Chiesi creates these places, which he depicts as space in which we the viewer inhabits. He draws us into the experience, a shared vision of artist and observer, a very human emotional reaction, which derives from his artistic development.  Being self-taught, Chiesi has incorporated life experience and true feeling instead of a distinctive architectural style that is formulaic.

Chiesi's use of mediums also conveys this sense of mood as he states "The use of ink in drawings and the oil painting technique are carried on simultaneously and it helps to pay attention to the differences between the two worlds: a shifting and fluent universe the first, a metaphysical and timeless one, the latter."  Our experience may change but the structural aspects are the solid foundation to constant change. It is the social experience of contemporary landscape that Chiesi is exploring, through his practice.

Hometown:   Modena

Lives &Works:  San Pancrazio, Modena

Education: self taught


Residence in Beijing, China (2015)

Residence in Brooklyn, NY, U.S.A. (2010)

Residence in Berlin, Germany (2011)

Winner of the prizes:

Gotham Prize, Italian Cultural Institute New York (2012);

I Terna Prize, Rome (2008);

V Cairo Editore Prize, Milan (2004),

XXXVIII Suzzara Prize, Suzzara Mn (1998).