Op 111

Op 111


Order number: SW10154


Ink on paper

H 70 cm x 47 cm, 27 in x 18 in


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Artwork information "Op 111"

Gyula Sagi is a Hungarian artist who graduated in Painting and now resides in Berlin, Germany.

The process by which Sagi works marries art and science. Focusing on the common characteristics of repetitive structures within nature from the all-embracing cosmos to the inner chambers of beehives and DNA structures. From macro to micro the visual signs combine with a vibrant energy of life. In the style of abstract expressionism Sagi's dynamic mark making, which has been described as pure energy, creates fluidity in gestural movement and striking lines. The purity of concept is followed through in the purity of colour and medium, often working in black ink or a single hue on white canvas or paper. Sagi is inspired by art movements such as German New Expressionism, European Art Informal and Arte Povera.

Sagi is an emerging talent who has already exhibited across Europe from his native Hungary to Paris, Berlin, The Netherlands and further afield in Japan.

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