Lungo la Via (On the way)

Lungo la Via (On the way)


Order number: SW10079


50 cm x 60 cm // 19.7 in x 23.6 in

Mixed media on canvas


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Artwork information "Lungo la Via (On the way)"

Lungo la Via is part of Sofia's new body of work. The artwork symbolise isolation in modern society and the complex relationships between individuals created by the tecnological world.

Sofia Battisti transforms the nature in her artworks to an allegorical landscape depicted with bright, pastel colours. In her work Sofia attempts to accommodate complex realities, which reflect contemporary society.  A recurrent thematic in her paintings are the ideologies of justice, equality and freedom which are translated into trees, water and animals in her artworks.

The main characters in her paintings are often represented by a black colour, which makes them stand out of from the vivid background.  They symbolise the connection between mankind and the machine that is society.  Sofia’s artworks are vehicles for the creation of new subjects for the humanity and a visual representation of the contrast between modern society and human existence.

Hometown: Dolo, Italy

Lives & Works: Dolo, Italy


Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy


2014 Collective exhibition “L’acqua e il suo simbolico”, L’EX Fornace, Milano,

2014 winner of 3rd place of an illustration competition Mobilitiamoci, Celle Ligure

2013 Collective exhibition “Autoritratti”, Photissima, Torino