Heart sketch III

Heart sketch III


Order number: SW10100


W 30 cm x H 42 cm // 11.8 in x 16.5

Acrylic water colours, ink on paper


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Artwork information "Heart sketch III"

Silviya’s new body of work depicts portraits of our emotions and feelings i.e. a portrait of human hearts.  The heart is a living symbol; it is an essential to life as the sun is to our solar system.   Among the first sounds experienced in the womb are the internally, resounding rhythms of the mother's heart.  The heart's physical centrality to our existence has its correspondence in our emotions - variable heart-beats measuring out our feelings of affection, desire and delight, as well as pounding out our rages, fears and vulnerabilities.  In Ancient Egypt the hieroglyphic heart shaped as a vase, was the storehouse of memory and truth, the center of the personality, of understanding, as well as creative imagination.  The heart shares with the lotus flower and the rose the qualities of the hidden, enfolded center beneath the outer surface of things, the secret locked away; when we want to 'let someone in', we must give them 'the key'.  The heart, like the sun, is the central source of life, the seat of power, courage and strength.  The heart can be pierced and melted by the darts of Eros as well as broken by love's refusal. 

'I love you with all my heart'.


Silviya Radeva reflects the nature of culture within three different countries with meanings that take place and unfold inside of her artworks.  She was born in Bulgaria where she graduated from the Academy of Art in Sofia.  Her desire of travelling and passion of art led her to Italy where she obtained her second university degree from the Academy of Fine Art, Venice. 

Hometown: Sofia, Bulgaria

Lives & Works: London, United Kingdom


BA in Painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy
MFA in Art Print, Academy of Fine Art, Sofia, Bulgaria


2014 Layers - Personal Exhibition, The Bulgaria Concert Hall, Marble Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2012 Collective exhibition/ Jazz concert with Wladigeroff Brothers, Art Square - Melody and Form, Bulgarian Embassy, London

2010 Fourth competition “Allianz Bulgaria Nation Awards 2010” with nomination for participation in the National final exhibition contest winners

2009 6th Prize International Biennial of Engraving City of Monsummano Terme