Interlocutori impossibili, I (Impossible conversations)

Interlocutori impossibili, I (Impossible conversations)


Order number: SW10093


W 35 cm x H 50 cm // 13.8 in x 19.7 in

Ink on paper


Shipping in 5 to 10 business days

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Artwork information "Interlocutori impossibili, I (Impossible conversations)"

Sandra Miranda Pattin’s delicate works on paper reflect a world of rituals, sacred objects and relics of a civilisation, inhabited long ago. She works in various media such as installation, performance, photography and drawings.  Sandra is interested in the dialogue between the body and the everyday life along with the emotions provoked by this encounter. As she states, she is "interested in the body as a territory for transformation, where the invisible becomes visible and abandons the abstract state in which the mind’s space inhabits and in how the body becomes both victim and cause of our pain.  In her work, she would like to underscore this precarious equilibrium.  Thoughts become physically evident, we just need to learn how to read our body, or more interestingly through our body we are able to read our subconscious.  The more we explore our body and connect to it, the more we become strong, clear and empowered.  The invisible threads that tie up people are suddenly physical, she transforms them into something vulnerable, underlining them, deconstructing them in order to achieve the deep and real comprehension of the daily interweaving with others, on the road to finding our identity and a sense of belonging.” Sandra also quotes Charles Darwin, who’s theory supports her artistic research, stating  “It is not the strongest species that survive but the one that adapts better”.

Sandra Miranda Pattin is a well-known artist and her artworks have been exhibited across Europe, USA, Asia and South America


Hometown: Colombia

Lives & Works:  between Colombia and Italy


Fine Arts in Florence, Italy


Her artworks are part of public collections such as: City of Delta del Po, Italy; Camera di Commercio di Mantova, Italy; Tina B Collection, Prague, Czech Republic;  DiArt Fondazione d’Arte Contemporanea; Centro Colombo Americano Bogotà, Colombia; B&B Art Museum of Contemporary Art, Sardinia, Italy and various private collections in Italy, USA and Colombia.

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