Morning skies

Morning skies


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W 122 cm x H 122 cm // 48 in x 48 in


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Artwork information "Morning skies"

Revati Sharma Singh is a contemporary Indian artist, currently dividing her time between London and Mumbai. Her work is characterised by a vibrant union between a critiquing of social injustices and abstract styles, communicated through a range of mediums from large-scale canvases to installations.

Central to Sharma Singh’s work, be it her abstract paintings or installations, is an exploration of the nature of human society, and the ways in which people interact with each other. This awareness came in part with the trips she would make as a child from her home in Mumbai to the family’s ancestral home in rural Himachal Pradesh, in north India. The stark difference between the bustling streets of Mumbai and the serene villages of the region had a strong effect on her, and a comparison between the chaos of Indian cities and the house and its surrounding hills, soon became the topic of much of her earlier work featuring abstract landscapes.

Revati sees her art as a pure expression of emotion, a manifestation of all one sees around them. Almost never planned – she jokes that she has never produced a work while sitting at home waiting for inspiration to come – her art is as spontaneous as it is heartfelt. Her passion for creating art and challenging moral themes have seen her become a regular contributor to the LAPADA Fair, Saatchi’s Start Art Fair, the Affordable Art Fair, and the Masterpieces Art Fair – being the only artist representing India at the show in 2012.