Hunter of Stereotypes

Hunter of Stereotypes


Order number: SW10067


31.5cm x 21.5cm (12.4in x 8.4in)

Oil on canvas

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Artwork information "Hunter of Stereotypes"

Olga Volha Piashko’s artistic research unfolds over the course of the last decade from Belorussia to Rome, Italy. The different spaces, contexts and experiences are visually represented in Olga’s artworks where she is elaborating themes such as the human identity, the engagement of art and sport as well as investigating issues coming from peoples’ synergy and cultural cannons of contemporary society.

The interactions between her bi-dimensional portraits and the audience create both intimate and envisioned encounters.  Olga is using a mixed technique to create her canvases and give them an optical illusion and this bi-dimensional feel as well as the impression of movement and the hidden image. This series of works can be described as part of the Op Art form of abstract art, as experimented in the past by artists such as Jean-Pierre Vasarely, Victor Vasarely, Bridget Louise Riley and others. Olga’s portraits create multiple points of view and they sit on the edge between figurative and abstract art.  Another important element in Olga’s artwork is sport. She is making visible the connection and the union that sport gives to people when watching or playing it.

Olga’s artworks are part of public and private collections such as the Minister of culture and Academy of Fine art in Belorussia, the Olympic Museum Lausanne, Switzerland, Palazzo del Quirinale - residence of the President of the Italian Republic in Rome, Italy as well as many others.


Hometown: Bobruisk, Belorussia

Lives &Works: Rome, Italy


Scenography, Academia of Fine Art Rome, Italy

Painting, Academia of Fine Art, Belorussia



2014 collective exhibition “Il mio Paradiso”, MACRO – museum of contemporary art, Rome, Italy

2013 collective exhibition “International Art Fair of Contemporary Art of Shanghai”, Shanghai, China

2013 personal exhibition “Le Affinità dell’Opposto”, Russian center of Science and Culture, Rome, Italy

2011 International Biennale of humor and Art, Tolentino, Italy


2012 International Olympic Committees presented Olga’s artwork “Inno" during the Olympics games in London. She has been appointed as a winner of the international award dedicated to Sport and Art


2014 artwork “Nue” has been shown in the movie “Amori Elementari” by Sergio Basso Italian/Russian production