La Madame

La Madame


Order number: SW10046


W 200 cm x H 120 cm // 78.7 in x 47.2 in

Acrylic on canvas


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Artwork information "La Madame"

Lianet Martínez Pino is a young talented artist from Cuba. Her main research’s focus is the human being and the relationship between the physical and the spiritual, between body and mind, abstract and concrete. The main subject in her artworks are female bodies which, on one hand embody the aesthetic cannons of beauty and on the other, reflect the preoccupation of the artist against societies violence on women.

Lianet is working on a big scale canvases as well as giant sculptures. When creating her artworks, Lianet is using all kinds of mediums from recycled materials, acrylic, collage to photography, video & installations.  Some of her artworks are very close to the Arte Povera movement, others are more abstract and conceptual. However, despite Lianet’s young age and the different medium she embraces in her art, Lianet’s own style and artistic expression are already well established and recognisable.

She is a great example of contemporary female Cuban art along with famous artist such as Rita Longa, Marta María Pérez, Ana Mendieta, Tania Bruguera. Her monumental sculptures are situated in public and private collections.


Hometown: Cienfuegos, Cuba

Lives &Works: Havana, Cuba


Instituto Superior De Arte, Havana, Cuba.

San Alejandro Academy of Fine, Havana, Cuba.


2015 May-June, personal exhibition part of Biennial de Havana, Instituto Superior De Arte, Havana, Cuba.

2015 April, artistic participation in “Roberto Paradise” gallery, Puerto Rico

2013 collective exhibition, Biennial de Havana, Cuba