Piccadilly Circus 2

Piccadilly Circus 2


Order number: SW10087


W 100 cm x H 60 cm // 39 in x 23.6 in

Spray - paint, foils, photo on alu dibond (Aluminium composite panel structure)


Shipping in 5 to 10 business days

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Artwork information "Piccadilly Circus 2"

Fabian Fresse brings together scenes of urban landscape through a synergy of painting and photography, highlighting a sense of the atmosphere of places that may seem quite ordinary.

Two key bodies of work are the Playground Series and his mixed media paintings.  The nostalgic scenes of playgrounds are whimsical in their blurred memories bringing forth a sense of freedom in play. Compositions are punctuated with bands of colour, vibrant tones of happy emotions and hopeful dreams.  The Mixed Media paintings encompass the buzz and energy of urban landscapes and the beauty of light travelling through the mysterious night.  Punctuated again with vibrant colour accentuating the architectural structures and bringing a contemporary context of the digital society we live in today to historical monuments. Using photographic aperture techniques the movement of light, which brings the city to life, is translated onto canvases without dispelling the sense of feeling of being at once absorbed in the moment. 

Freese is inspired by nature's aesthetics and how that sense of beauty can be applied through the compositions of his paintings.  The bold use of colour and layering in his style can be referenced to his time spent exploring Graffiti art.  Freese brings a human experience to urban places and as a young artist continues to explore the collaborative process of combining mediums and shared histories with contemporary society.


Hometown:   Wuppertal Elberfeld / Germany

Lives & Works:  Wuppertal

Education: Akademie der bildenden Künste in Essen


2010 Nominated for art award "Essener Förderpreis”


2015 Codes of Time  Galerie Pack of Patches Jena

2015 Visual Time” Per van der Horst modern - contemporary The Hague /Netherlands

2010  "Optische Leckerbissen" Schloss Hardenberg Velbert