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Watercolour, ink, tempera on paper

H 32 cm x W 30 cm (12.5 in x 12 in) unframed


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Artwork information "Diva"

Anastasia Kurakina is a Russian artist living and working in Italy.  Her passion for Michelangelo, the Italian language and the culture of Rome herself has so enchanted her, that she decided to make this City her home.

Kurakina’s artworks are inspired by everyday human encounters and peoples’ stories as well as circus and fairy-tale characters.  Her latest project is a mobile exhibition across Europe where she paints and displays live watercolour portraits. 

The portrait of Diva was created while in  London.  With a few brushstrokes Kurakina captures the essence and elegance of the female.  She does not start by using pencil to make a preparative drawing like many but rather goes straight to brush.  Sometimes she will work with a large brush rather then a fine one and define the outlines at a later stage. 

Kurakina actively participates within the art community often involving herself with art festivals and events such as the Fabriano Watercolour Biennale and the charity event with the fashion brand Fendi in 2016. She has gained recognition through awards from prestigious competitions and institutions in Italy. Her artworks feature in collections such as the International Museum of Caricature, Tolentino and the National Museum of Sacred Art of Nonantola, Italy as well as private collections across Europe.

Anastasia Kurakina paitning live